We are committed to health, safety and the environment

Our vision of zero injuries or harm to people, the environment and society is a core principle for Statnett’s entire enterprise. Statnett therefore prioritises safety above all else.

Statnett works on demanding tasks and therefore has a big responsibility for heath, safety and the environment with regard to our employees, our suppliers and others who are in close proximity to our facilities and installations. We are committed to working purposefully and systematically towards continuous improvement in every area of our organisation.
In Statnett, HSE encompasses safety, health and the working environment (SHA) and the external environment, and applies to all work contexts.


HSE is rooted in Statnett's objectives and values, and is an integrated part of Statnett's activities.

For this reason, Statnett works purposefully to:

  • Create safe and healthy workplaces, and control risk in accordance with this
  • Work continuously to improve HSE systems, as well as processes and results in order to create safe workplaces
  • Ensure that all risks related to HSE, in operations and in projects, are assessed from idea through to completed installations
  • Registration of deviations with a view to establishing preventive measures, lessons learnt and analyses
  • Set the same requirements for our contractors, suppliers and partners as for ourselves
  • Give information on HSE in an open and reliable manner, and keep an active dialogue with our suppliers in connection with this

For personnel intending to work in and at electrical facilities, training is given regarding electrical safety and first aid in accordance with statutes and regulations given by the authorities and our internal directives.


Generally, our contractors, suppliers and partners are subject to Statnett's internal control. In cases where our contractors, suppliers and partners use their own internal control systems, these must at least be equivalent to the level of Statnett's internal control.


To go to Statnett’s instructions for work on or at electrical plants, click here

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