Balsfjord – Skaidi
New 420 kV power line from Balsfjord in Troms to Skaidi in Finnmark

The new power line is necessary for ensuring security of supply in Finnmark. The line will facilitate increased creation of value in the region and contribute to realisation of the development of new renewable energy. 

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All projects start with the planning phase. The following is important in this phase:


  • Identification of needs
  • Concept choice studies
  • External quality assurance


Statnett is responsible for planning and applying for the projects we believe to be socio-economically viable.

Licensing process

A regular licensing process is currently structured as follows:

Planning proposal:

  • Statnett submits a planning proposal to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)
  • The NVE submits the proposal for public consultation


Licence application:

  • Statnett submits the application with enclosed impact assessments to the NVE
  • The NVE will organise the consultation, site inspection and public meetings
  • The NVE submits its recommendation to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE)
  • The MPE submits the recommendation for consultation and makes a decision
  • The King in Council makes the final resolution


Appeals process:

  • Potential appeals from affected parties
  • The NVE considers the appeals and submits it to the MPE
  • The MPE settles the appeal

Construction ongoing.