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Import and export

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Import and export

Import and export show the total net power exchange for Norway per hour. The exchange varies from hour to hour and from season to season. The hydroelectric-based Norwegian power system is highly flexible, as power generators have the option to save water for the best-paid periods. The price of electricity varies according to demand over a 24-hour period, with the lowest prices during the night and at weekends, and higher prices during the day.

By shutting down the hydroelectric power plants at night and instead use the water during high-price periods in the daytime, the use of the water resources is optimised. During such shutdowns, we import power to cover consumption in Norway. This power comes mainly from thermal power plants and wind farms on the Continent. These power sources are not very flexible, and can consequently offer power at low prices during off-peak periods. By alternating between export in the daytime and import at night, we optimise the use of resources both in Norway and for our trading partners on the Continent, resulting in a socio-economic benefit on both sides of the border.

All measurements are on an hourly basis. For long-term periods it may be better choose another time resolution, such as Weekly or Monthly. The table on the left will then show the highest (export) and lowest (import) measuring point for the relevant time period. The table will also show the total export and import respectively for the period, as well as net power exchange.

Minor deviations in our data may occur. Please contact if you have any questions.