In Statnett, specialisation and management are equal career paths. Under the tutelage of their manager, employees are encouraged to develop professionally and personally through interdisciplinary projects and personalised courses.

Employee development

Results are created by people who take ownership of their jobs. Our employees are our most important energy source and most valuable asset.

We rely on motivated, committed and development-oriented people to live up to our vision - to be known as Europe's most innovative and environmentally responsible power grid company. We want to attract and retain people with the right qualities in all relevant disciplines and areas of responsibility.


In Statnett we see specialisation and management as equal career paths. Planning and development meetings are important aids in individual career planning. Professional and personal development occurs most often in the interaction between employees and management, as well as through personalised training.


Management development

Statnett is actively seeking to improve in all areas, including management.

Like all other enterprises, we must accept that the requirements of good management are only increasing – not only because professional and social demands are increasing, but also because today's employees expect good management to motivate them to do their best and develop their potential.


Statnett focuses on management development and regularly conducts management programmes tailored for Statnett.


Internal mobility

Internal mobility means that employees are given opportunities to change tasks and positions internally. The aim is to promote professional and personal learning and motivation, and ensure that skills are developed and maintained in the best possible way in the enterprise.

Statnett is committed to internal mobility and has developed solutions in this regard. We have a position, project and knowledge database on our intranet where employees can apply for internal opportunities, express their interest in participating in projects and arrange career discussions with the HR department.

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