KUBE 2017

Each year Statnett offers six students the opportunity to work in the KUBE-project; an interdisciplinary seven weeks summer project starting in mid-June.

The name KUBE, which means "cube" in English, reflects the core of the internship; to think outside of the box. The students must have an innovative approach and a creative way of thinking and use the accumulated knowledge form their respective studies and from Statnett as a company.


Statnett's social mission is among others to ensure security of supply and to build the next generation high voltage power grid. In order to achieve this, Statnett will make vast investments the coming years. We can today foresee changes in the power system that will challenge how transmission grid companies think and operate. KUBE is forward looking, and the students are assigned to address some of Statnett's key challenges in the future.



Topics from former KUBE-projects:

• When will it be profitable to build an offshore grid?
• What would a common marked for green certificates between Sweden and Norway mean for Statnett?
• In what way should Statnett focus on Smart Grids in the development of next generation power grid?
• How should Statnett operate the power system in 2020?
• Statnett and Europe – How to secure value creation towards 2030?
• How to stimulate to social economic placement of new wind power in the Nordic countries?


Who can apply?

We are looking for third- and fourth-year students that are pursuing Master's Degrees in engineering, political science, law, economics, IT and social sciences. As the result of the project is a report and a presentation for the company in Norwegian, it is important that you have excellent Norwegian skills. We recommend you to write the application in Norwegian and prepare for an interview done in Norwegian.


The advertisement will be published on our website www.statnett.no in mid November, and all applications must be submitted through our online application portal. If you have further questions, please contact: kube@statnett.no.


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