Personal information and cookies on

When you visit, your browser leaves some electronic information behind – information we use to improve the content of our website. Here are some details about the type of information we collect and how we use it.

As a visitor to, you may voluntarily provide personal data such as your email address if you wish to subscribe to our news alerts. Our web editor has day-to-day responsibility for processing personal data on Statnett itself is the operational provider for the website.


News subscription

You can subscribe to our news service by registering your email address on Email addresses are stored in the website publication solution and are therefore not available to anyone other than the solution administrators. If you choose to cancel your subscription, or if your email address is no longer in use, we will delete your email address from our records.

If you would like to see which news you are subscribing to, or to change or cancel your news subscription, you can email us at:

Cookies and web statistics

With a view to improving the content of, we use the analysis tool Google Analytics to collect statistics and information about use patterns with regard to our visitors. Google Analytics uses what are known as cookies, which are small text files stored in your browser's internal memory when you visit a website. The most common browsers are set up to accept cookies automatically, but you can change this setting in your browser manually.

As a visitor to, you have the right to know which data we are collecting about you, (cf. the Norwegian Act regarding electronic communication, Section 2-7b). The table below presents an overview of cookies on, and what they are used for:

Cookie Description
ASP.NET.SessionId Used by Google Analytics to maintain a unique ID for each user session. Deleted when the browser is closed. 
_ga Used by Google Analytics to differentiate users. Deleted after two years.  
_gid  Used by Google Analytics to differentiate users. Deleted after 24 hours.
_UTMA Used by Google Analytics to count new users. Deleted after two years. 
_UTMZ Used by Google Analytics to trace how a user has arrived at a page on Deleted after six months.
_UTMC Used by Google Analytics to register when a user leaves Deleted after 30 minutes. 

ajs_group_id og 

Used by Google Analytics to identify returning users and to register activity on Deleted after one year.
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