Organisation and leadership

Statnett’s business is organised into six divisions, in addition to a European Affairs Unit. We have over 1,200 employees. Auke Lont is our CEO.

Statnett's organisation 

Technology and development

This division is responsible for planning the power system and project development. It has group-wide responsibility for health, safety and the environment (HSE), and the development and implementation of new technology. Research and Development (R&D) and Project Portfolio Management are also part of the division.



This division’s main task is to implement Statnett’s development projects. It also has responsibility for occupational health and safety (OHS), and for the Group’s procurement function. The division has an emergency response unit that performs emergency response, maintenance and construction assignments.


Market and operations

This division is responsible for securing the power supply at all times, all year round. It also has responsibility for operations and emergency preparedness, and for developing effective trading solutions in Norway and abroad.



This division operates, maintains and develops systems that monitor and control the power grid, ensure balance between production and consumption, and calculate power grid transmission costs, as well as systems for the operation and maintenance of Statnett’s substations, lines and cables.


Corporate strategy and communications

The division is responsible for corporate strategy, communication and public relations, as well as follow-up of customer relations and tariff models.


Corporate staff

This division is responsible for ensuring uniform group management and service deliveries within corporate governance, risk management, legal advice, HR, accounting and finance. In addition, the division has responsibility for network transactions.


European affairs

The European Affairs Unit is responsible for strengthening and coordinating Statnett’s activities in the EU and in relation to the European market.

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